Rockhampton Stories is a collection of digital stories produced by the residents of the Rockhampton region.

These stories are a celebration of community, and provide a unique view of the region as told by the people who live there.

Here you will find local stories covering a wide range of topics from early settlement, through to natural disasters. Each of these stories is unique and personal and they have been individually produced using a mix of different mediums.

In addition to this site, these stories are being physically built into the Rockhampton region using QR codes that are installed in the actual locations of the stories. If you are visiting the region, simply scan one of the QR codes using a free QR code reader from your phone’s app store to watch these stories.

Why not try it out – just scan this code with a 
QR reader from your phone’s app store.

 Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far, this project would not have been possible without your voice. Rockhampton Stories is ongoing and we invite you to create your own local story. Maybe you have a favourite place in town or maybe you would like to share a story from your childhood?

Here is a quick overview of the Rockhampton Stories launch.

To find out more about submitting your own story, please use drop us a line.

For more information on how Rockhampton Stories was developed, please visit the Process page.